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Our era of digital revolution keeps us moving – whether business models, customers, or competition. Keen companies are fast acting to stay successful in the market, use IT and business solutions that will enable them to benefit from new opportunities. These companies are managed by people and they need solutions that support them optimally. Shait has the right employees for every company form – startup, medium-sized or large company. With more than 10 years of experience, we find the right profiles for you and contribute to the successful growth of your company.

Diversity remains strength, but never at the expense of service. Specialist expertise is on offer but pragmatism remains a core attribute.

We know that the Shait recruitment market is unique and challenging. The challenge is rewarding and we strive to add value, knowledge and transparency to our engagement and practice, affording us another decade of success and heritage.

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We are specialized in IT, Finance and HR. It’s very important to understand the client’s business and to create commitment on both sides.
Besides Recruiting we help our candidates to be prepared for the German job market and the entire interview process.


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